Short & slim, Fade's physique belies her lethal & ruthless efficiency in close quarters.


The legend of Fade is a campfire story told on cold desert nights. Fade, she who strikes from the darkness and melds back into the shadows without a whisper…

But it is more than a campfire story.

Fade is a person, a woman. Originally from vault 84, she escaped as a young woman during it’s opening following an earthquake, killing the vault overseer who desperately tried to bar the way to the outside, the world where he was no longer king of the hill.

Standing at 5’4" with a slim build, she is a fragile-looking thing. Dark haired, almost black and green eyes, she has an innocent girl-next-door appearance. She usually dresses in rough jeans and a t-shirt but prefers combat boots over more fashionable footwear. Dressed as this she goes by many different names, personas and accents. Few have actually met the ‘real’ Fade. While dressed like this she usually carries a 10mm pistol ‘for self-defense’.

She is a different creature at night though, preferring to don tight dark combat leathers and her preferred weapon-of-choice, the Katana.

“We grew up tall and proud in the shadow of the mushroom cloud” – Queen, Hammer to fall


Fade’s origins are as shadowy as her attacks. Some consider her a myth to scare bandit children, others claim that she is actually several people similar in appearance and training.

The truth is really very simple though few know it. She was born to the shadows, built to kill, trained in death dealing. A true ninja assassin, she stalks the Mohave wasteland with no true agenda but to ply her trade. She is good at what she does and if you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Her true name is Keisha Hannard. Her father was a doctor and her mother a vault security sargeant. Her mother was thrown out of the vault (a fate that was considered to be essentially execution) for ‘dereliction of duty’. She had refused an order from the vault patron (who later died at Fade’s hand) to kill an unarmed civilian who had tried to steal food which was being restricted access to as the patron was ‘rationing’ despite there being over 150 years worth of supplies in vault 84. Her father was jailed afterwards without an official explanation and died in the earthquake that broke the vault seal.

Fade’s motivations are mostly her anger and hatred of authority but she also holds on to hope that her mother isn’t dead but instead out here in the big wide world somewhere. She has a specific hatred for Jason Banner, son of the dead patron, who raped her when she was 14 and is now somewhere in the wasteland. He hunts her and she him. He does not know of her identity as Fade (though he has almost certainly heard the tale of Fade).

Any old-timer of the Mohave could tell you one inconsistency in this tale (if he knew the true identity of Fade) and that is that she isn’t old enough. The myth is near-enough thirty years old at least and Keisha is 25. The truth is that Keisha is the 2nd to become this legend, receiving much of her training from the previous Fade as she helped her die with dignity following a lethal dose of radiation following a rad-scorpion attack.

Thus ‘Fade’ is merely a convenient persona which carries with it a fear and power that (currently) outstrip Keisha’s abilities.


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